Back to the golden days…


I found it fun to be back in the classroom as a student. And, to my surprise, I proved to be an easy-going and even disruptive pupil. I take after our students I guess.

Our teacher Sian calls me „naughty Renata”. I didn’t have a folder to start with because I got to the wrong place and almost started the wrong course :)
Then I arrived late after the coffee break and finally got told off for using a mobile in the classroom.
There are altogether13 students in the class with 3 Polish girls,3 German girls, 4 Czech girls, one Italian, two Spanish teachers. The course is quite serious and we do work all the time. We started at 9 and finished at 3 pm with a short coffee break.
At 4 we had a guided tour of Oxford and I got back for a delicious dinner with Paula
at 6.15.
Sian has set us homework so I had to set off at 8 pm to get to the pub :) and have a pint of cider. What a busy life!
The class was on ice-breakers and phrasal verbs. Sian said that phrasal verbs are an important part of an English language and if you want to sound natural you have to use them.
Some examples: to look up, to find out, to get on/off a plane, look for, get up
We learned more ambitious ones: to bottle up, to bottle out of sthg, to club together.
If you wanted to, I can teach you..
That’s all for today,
Take care and I hope somebody bothers to read it and doesn’t get discouraged by English :)

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