A new arrival … Emily Rose

Life in Oxford is exciting.
Kasia has asked me to write something about my teachers.
Well, they fall into two groups: the younger ones who  are very ambitious, the older
ones who seem more easy going , but we all get on really well. WE do a lot of
pairwork and groupwork activities so we get to know one another better and better.
The Spanish teacher Ana comes from Barcelona area and she is great fun. She
refuses to speak Spanish and she is lucky to live in the neighbourhood of the school.
She is keen on trips and talks about going punting – going on the river Thames in a
boat all the time. She hasnt done it yet.
In the class we studied collocations and intensifiers and Sian was delighted to find
out that we some of them proved challenging for us :)
We had a race which my group won and a funny banana exercise and we also
came up with a story about disastrous Dave who slept rough in Oxford and all this
happened after he got depressed when his beloved cat died in the kitchen …
It was all very weird , but it ended well as a filthy rich lady took him in to be her
dirt cheap gardener.
The highlight of the day, however, was the arrival of a new baby in my landlady’s
family – her granddaughter  Emily Rose.
What an exciting day!
Hope you also had some fun…

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