„- What’s HANKY PANKY?” Renata
- How should I know?  Kasia
Sian, our teacher, thinks this is an intensive course and she makes us work, work and work. I was sitting today next to an attractive Ewa from the Check Republic and I found out many interesting things about her. She has a 25 year old son, a husband and a dog and only the dog misses her and she has always wanted to work as a secretary. And she looks at most 32. Would you believe it :)
We did some grammar activities first walking around the classrom and in pairs discussing grammar sentences which Sian had stuck to the wall.
Later she taught us idiomatic rhyming expressions such as hanky panky, willy nilly, hurly burly. It was easy to match them as they rhyme, but we had more trouble with
coming up with their meanings. I knew some – hooray.
The next activity was about  how to say „I don’t know.” without actually saying it.
And there are lots of ways: How should I know? Good question, Don’t ask me! Who knows? Your guess is as good as mine.
Finally, we did some gambling which was a fantastic activity and I will definitely use the concept at school with our students. I won 240 pounds, but Weronika won a bit more. It was great fun !!!
After the lunch break we watched short films and discussed ways of using them in an English language classrom. Yet again Sian introduced us to some new teaching ideas.
The weather in Oxford has been changeable since I arrived on Sunday – rain, sun, rain, sun again on one afternoon. The temperature changes a lot, too. So you put on your fleece and five minutes later you take it off. Then it gets colder and you put it on again and then – and the game continues, but as Sian says there is no such thing as bad weather, it’s the wrong clothes :)
We spent the afternoon 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. visiting bookshops, but that;s another story.
Most of us were exhausted today and we skipped homework. We’ll see what Sian says to that.
hope to write more tomorrow if I survive the punting Ana has been insisting on …

2 thoughts on “What’s HANKY PANKY?

  1. Reniu czytam uważnie i z zainteresowaniem, ale twoj znakomity angielski sprawia, że moje kompleksy powracaja ze zdwojoną siłą i pomimo zachęt Kasi nie śmiem komentować w tym samym jezyku. Pozdrrawiam, czekam na kolejne wpisy z niecierpliwością

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