Fact one: Driving on the left hand side is the first culture shock you experience.
Ok you don’t drive yourself or even ride a bike but believe me it takes
a while to get used to and you especially struggle at tricky roundabouts
to cross the road. And the drivers stop reluctantly to let you cross.
Fact  two:  You queue everywhere you can. What strikes you is that everybody
politely queues at bus stops.
It is considered rude or in the old times it was illegal to jump the queue. As our
teacher says: If in doubt, queue.
Fact three: there are two taps in the bathroom so you get a choice of cold or
boiling hot water. I thought they wanted to save water expenses this way. No, this
goes back to the times when there was no valve to join two pipes carrying water.
The English introduced the running water quite early.
Fact four: They eat their dinner at 6.30 or even later and lunch at 1 is a small meal
consisting of a sandwich or a salad. How they live through the day I don’t have a clue.
Fact five: English power sockets are three pins. Your guess is as good as mine but I think they simply want to cut the power off for the foreigners :)
Fact six:  If they invite you to dinner at 6 say, you should arrve some time between 6.10 – 6.15. The best timing is 6.13. You mustnt take your shoes off and it is nice if you take a bottle of wine or some flowers to give to the lady.
Fact seven: Some of their ideas are really useful like free charging stations in buildings and McDonald’s and the latter are green not red buildings :)
That’s all for today. Cheers. ( it means both thank you and bye)

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