How to bear the unbearable? Wendesday, 9th August 2017


The kind of weather we are having in Oxford right now should be definitely put in a book with a notice
AVOID THE PLACE IF THIS is true. I am beginning to find it unbearable.
My humble soul which absolutely adores everything that is truly English is beginning to protest. I woke up at about 6.30 this morning and it had already
been raining. A pleasantly steady drizzle which can atuallly drive you up the wall – as the English say.
I always wear a sort of raincoat – I’ve got one with flowers and flemingos which Paula seems to like a lot and I have never used my umbrella so often as I have  here.
Sian, our teacher, keeps apologising for the weather. This summer has been very gloomy and dark and unpleasant.
Thurday, 10th August 2017
Staying in Oxford has been an eye-opening experience and I have been able to unveil a few secrets:
Secret no 1 - there is no such institution as an Oxford University. There are 38 independent colleges – Christ Church College, St Magdalen College, Worcester College, Trinity College. They have got their own premies, different presidents and follow individual curricula. Paula said she thinks they do cooperate, but they are all independent. Students in Oxford study only for 24 weeks – three terms whereas in other places 30 weeks and the fee is 9000 pounds a year just as anywhere else in the country.
Secret no 2 - they are 5 minutes behind Greenwich Meantime. Well, that is actually only true about Christ Church College – all the services happen five minutes later as they kept the old time before they had agreed on Greenwhich Verion.
Secret no 3 - Lewis Carrol didn’t actually exist. If you come to Oxford there are Alice in Wonderland souvenirs all over the place and the book was written about a real girl who was Dean’s daughter at the most famous Christ Church College, but the writer was Charles Dodgeson who was a mathematician and he didn’t like to be associated with silly stories he came up with at a picnic :) so he use a penname.
Secret no 4 - There have been more films shot here than anywhere else in the UK and I think toursim and film industry bring the place most of its money. Just a gew examples: Harry Potter, Mummy with Tom Cruise, Belle, The Riot Youth
Secret no 5 - accommodation is quite pricey here so people live on boats.
This is partly true, but there are boats for rent and our German teacher are staying one week longer in Oxford renting a moored boat on the river Thames.
Secret no 6 - residents of Oxford call the river Thames :”Isis” as if Oxford had a different language or simply lived a legend.
Secret no 6 - Our teacher Sian has got a few secrets, too. She comes from Wales and she is an artist painter. You can discover it using the link
That’s all folks. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing this blog entries :)

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